Local landowners are often our key initial partners.

Working Collaboratively with Landowner Partners

Transitioning their land from agricultural or recreational use to hosting a renewable energy generation project is an important decision with many financial benefits. Whether seeking an alternative long-term income stream, tax abatements, or an opportunity to build long-term generational wealth, we understand that these decisions require patience and support.

Ensuring Success for the Full Lifecycle 

As a high-growth organization enabling the successful transition to renewable energy, we expect to convert most of our projects over the next several years and will maintain a comfortable cadence for communicating our development processes along the way.

Sometimes projects move at a rapid pace while others can take several years while permits are issued and/or programs are established by local authorities. Stellar representatives will communicate with landowners in a respectful way that works for their needs.

We have an experienced and talented team, the capital to bring these projects to completion, and the requisite plan to ensure our partnerships are successful for the full lifecycle of every energy asset we deploy.

Our Other Partners


We have an experienced management team that endeavors to work with local, state and federal government regulators in a collaborative fashion to ensure our projects are meeting all environmental requirements and needed commitments.


Solar projects can provide transformational benefits to local communities when approached with an inclusive understanding that balances the needs of all stakeholders.

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