Solar projects can provide transformational benefits to local communities.

Delivering Transformational Benefits

Solar projects can provide transformational benefits to local communities when approached with an inclusive understanding that balances the needs of all stakeholders. We work with communities to deliver and manage these benefits in the form of new tax revenues, job creation, educational opportunities, energy bill savings, local grid resiliency, and more. 

Community Engagement

During construction, the efforts underway that bring jobs and property tax base to a community also bring some temporary disruption during the construction process. We work to minimize these short-term negative impacts on communities and strive to support local economic development by adding another local amenity.

All along the development and through the operational phase of our projects we look to optimize community engagement alongside businesses, local schools, and non-profits where applicable. Stellar looks forward to engaging with your local community to broaden the group of individuals that benefit from the deployment of our renewable energy solutions.

Our Other Partners


Local landowners are often our key initial partners. Transitioning their land from agricultural or recreational use to hosting a renewable energy generation project is an important decision with many financial benefits. 


We have an experienced management team that endeavors to work with local, state and federal government regulators in a collaborative fashion to ensure our projects are meeting all environmental requirements and needed commitments.

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